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Lime Lingo: Non-Disclosure Agreement

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement? A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a confidentiality agreement, also referred to as an NDA. This legal document creates a legal obligation to privacy and compels those who agree to keep all specified information between the parties involved. NDA’s are common across several business settings. These documents are a good ways to protect […]

Product Development Process, 4 Tips to Improve Your Research & Development

3D Printed rapid prototypes service on a table in Lime Design's South Florida office
Research and Development (R&D) is the investigative work you do before you begin designing a new product. This investigation helps you decide whether to further pursue the manufacturing of the product. Companies across all industries utilize R&D to improve their product development process. We here at Lime Design know how important R&D is and have [...]

Lime Lingo: Research and Development

What is Research and Development? Research and Development (R&D) refers to the investigative work a business conducts before designing a new product. Businesses are looking to see if there are any similar products out on the market and if so is it worth making improvements to the already existing design. This investigative work helps businesses […]

Injection Molding – 3 Easy Tips for Your Invention Prototype

Hippiebots industrial design resin toy products mold for rapid production
Rapid Injection Molding Injection molding is one of the most widely used and accessible processes for manufacturing products. This manufacturing process produces plastic injection parts from both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. Having a grasp on the injection molding process can really help improve the efficiency of production and the quality of your product prototype [...]

Lime Lingo: Injection Molding

What is Injection Molding? Injection molding is a manufacturing process in which you produce plastic injection parts from both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. The material is placed into a heated barrel, mixed, and then forced into a mold cavity. The injection molded part then cools and hardens to the configuration of the mold cavity. […]

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