2020 Year End Review

3D Printing Prototype

This year has been a crazy year for us all and we are very fortunate for the amount of success we have had. When it comes to new product development, we’ve helped many of our clients design new products and bring their ideas to reality to get them through the manufacturing process for their product. We are South Florida’s boutique Product development engineer and prototype manufacturer. We work with our in house product development engineer using our proven new product development process.

Our engineers use 3D CAD and digital sculpting to design new products. So if you are looking for 3D printing prototype services you have come to the right place.

Below are some of the amazing products we have worked on this year. Please support these fine entrepreneurs as they come one step closer to fulfilling their dreams.

Say it sign – Mobile Advertising.

Our client Russ came to us with a dream for a product that could help people advertise their business and make mobile advertisement easier than ever. This project had many components to it such as Electronics and custom metal cuts. The electronics in this device are actually pretty interesting. There are 2 LEDS that shine on the license plate and are powered by a rechargeable battery. A solar panel charges the device daily. As a backup, AA batteries can also be used to power the device. Visit them and get yours today at Sayitsign.com.

Micro-Reactor – Scientific Device

Our client needed a solution to make a short run of product for testing and delivery.  We created 20 units, composed of 11 sheet metal parts and a few 3d printed pieces. The chosen metal was stainless steel 316.

Wags Wipes and Bags – Sanitary waste bags

Our client came to us with the idea for a doggy cleaner that could help you clean up your dog’s mess and keep your hands clean at the same time. We helped them develop the Wags, Wipes and Bags which includes wet wipes attached to each bag rolled up so you can clean your hands after picking up your dog’s poop. We prototyped and 3D modeled the pooper device as well as created the logo, graphics, and packaging for the device. This product is now in manufacturing and will be available for purchase in 2021.

Pogo – Modular Lumbar Support

Dave and his team at Rebax Pogo came to Lime Design for our expertise in product and packaging design to create the worlds first customizable back support. We wanted to give the power back to the users with the idea to create the ultimate back pain killer! We wanted to create a new product that can be used in many different ways and everyone can find a use for. whether you want a larger cushion for deeper support, or a smaller support for subtle support, the Pogo is the one for you. The Pogo can transform to what ever size support you want, and its foam firmness is fully customizable. Visit them and get yours today at Rebaxpogo.com.

Deskowise – Mobile Workstation

Our clients at Deskowise have created a truly mobile solution for a workstation on the go. We worked specifically on the packaging including a custom foam insert to protect the product during shipment and on the go use. We also refined the Deskowise logo and created a 3D metal medallion. The Deskowise mobile workstation is available for purchase now on their website: Deskowise.com

Sea Shelf – Engineering and flat pack packaging

Our clients created a new life guard styled bookshelf and came to us for refinement and sourcing for manufacturing. We reengineered the product to include less parts and designed the product to be able to be flat packed into a much smaller box to be able to reduce on shipping cost. We then helped them create the packaging and assembly instructional sheet, much like IKEA, so they can easily assemble the product themselves using minimal tools. To get your own please visit them at Theseashelf.com.

NET Vodka –  Bottle and cap design

We had the opportunity of working with one of our clients to create a new Vodka brand. We helped to create the prototype exactly as the client envisioned it which included clear and opaque vinyl decals and an innovative Gem like bottle top.

Virapro Mask – Bluetooth PPE mask

Our client came to Miami’s best product development firm, Lime Design, with the challenge of creating a face mask and goggle all in one system. Some of the additional features include the option to remove the ear cover for a doctor to use stethoscopes or allow a consumer to purchase the Bluetooth headphone accessory all without removing the mask. The Virapro Mask was developed for the best possible experience when wearing a mask. Our main concerns were to develop an extremely comfortable and versatile mask that anybody can feel safe in.

OnsettVR – VR Stand for Oculus Quest

VR is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. Our client came to us to help create a minimalistic VR stand for the Oculus Quest. We designed and 3D modeled this VR stand to be able to be manufactured using the clients existing machinery. This product can be purchased on their website Onsettvr.com.

Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer – Animation

Air fryers are one of the most sold new products in the market. Our clients reached out to us to help them animate the inner workings of their air fryer to help show their clients how their product functions. If you would like to get your own, check them out on amazon: Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer

Written by Rodrigo Lima and John Medina. Lime Design 2020

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