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Get a Jump start to the new year and start developing your product today! The new year is getting closer and closer and new opportunities are on the horizon. Don’t wait for January to begin your invention. Be proactive and work with us to help guide your new product development idea to success. New product development requires intellectual property protection. We work with successful patent attorneys around the country to help protect your idea so you’re making the money; not someone else. The best way to get started with us is to request a FREE INVENTOR’S KIT. Keep scrolling to read more about what you get in your kit.

The first thing you get in your no cost Inventor’s kit is an introduction to where it all begins; our Proven Product Development Process. Our process runs through 8 necessary steps in order to get you the most value from your product development experience. This process has gone through its iterations throughout the years, but through our many years in experience in this business, we can guarantee you that this process is a recipe for success.

Designing a product is difficult, that’s why it’s important to work with a reputable product development engineer. Our team is extremely versatile because they can also quickly sketch out ideas. We consider sketching to be one of our strong suits and something that is crucial to the product development process. Sketching can help us and the client quickly visualize what it is we are going to create before we begin a 3D printing prototype.

Learning from someone else’s experiences can be the most valuable pieces of knowledge so you can design new products. Therefore, we include 10 valuable tips for Inventors! Anybody can become an inventor, you just need the courage to take that first leap of faith. We want to help you take that first step as best as we can by offering you these tips. Some of them may seem obvious, but it’s important to outline them so that you won’t forget it.

Don’t wait any longer to work with South Florida’s premier prototype manufacturer. Click the image below so you can sign up and receive an email with the entire No Cost Inventor’s Kit.

Written by Rodrigo Lima and John Medina. Lime Design 2020

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