Helmet with Retractable Visor

To protect her eyes from the sun, our client would always wear a hat under her helmet and had the idea to create an innovative helmet with a built-in retractable visor.

She originally went to a well-known invention marketing company. They basically took a lot of her money and weren’t able to provide her with anything that she could really work with.  They actually designed something that wasn’t ergonomically correct and was not functional. That is where we came in.  We took an existing helmet and reversed engineered it to create a functional prototype. Our team of mechanical engineers and designers worked to create a mechanism that allowed the visor to slide down and pivot up into a locking position.  We helped the client create a product that was not just manufacturable but was also patentable.

When you file a provisional patent, you have one year to file an actual utility patent so it was important for us to deliver on time. Her provisional patent was about to expire.  Our expedited services allowed her to meet the patent filing deadline.

Product Features:

  • Retractable design
  • Pivot and lock mechanism
  • Shields your face and eyes from the sun

Contributing Designers:

Rodrigo Lima
Rodrigo Davila
Mike Tenuta
Yves Michel




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