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Helmet with Retractable Visor

To protect her eyes from the sun, our client would always wear a hat under her helmet and had the idea to create an innovative helmet with a built-in retractable visor. She originally went to a well-known invention marketing company. They basically took a lot of her money and weren’t able to provide her with […]

3D Printed Finger Splints

One of the designers at Lime Design broke their finger and noticed that the current options that were available on the market were bulky and uncomfortable.  We decided to create an improved solution that would help heal the finger in a more convenient fashion. We reversed engineered the broken finger by taking measurements to create […]

Purse Props

This client came to us looking to design a compact support device that protects handbags from unclean surfaces. We created the Purse Props to be light-weight, yet sturdy and made to be used anywhere. When closed, Purse Props look like a wallet and are easily carried in your purse. The Purse Props were designed and […]

MagneFuse Glove

Our client is a South Florida fireman who came to us with a dream to design this unique and convenient kitchen product that would be heat resistant, cut resistant and water resistant. With its’ webbed configuration instead of the traditional independent finger configuration, it would have the comforts of a mitt but the work capability […]

Throw Raft Cover

Our client from the marine industry came to Lime Design looking for us to create a weather proof mounting case for their innovative safety product.  They were looking to create a product that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The TD2401 Mounting Case is a UV resistant container that perfectly stores the packed TD2401 Throw […]

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