How to Land an Angel Investor


Angel investors are very wealthy individuals who are looking to help startup just like yours take their first steps.  These people are perfect for entrepreneurs who are still financially struggling during the start-up phase.

Where exactly do you find an angel investor?

Look within. The first place you should look is within your own network. Whether it is your professional or personal network these are the people that are most likely to believe in you. Many times your friends and family won’t be in a position to invest in your idea. Always be sure to ask for referrals for local contacts.

Look beyond. Even your venture capitalist contacts can lead to an angel investor. Keep in mind that venture capitalists manage the funds of very wealthy individuals. Those investors may consider engaging in angel funding or know someone who would.  There is also the possibility of finding an angel investment group. Many times, investors don’t want to be the only investors in an organization. These individuals come together to form an angel investment group. These groups meet regularly to consider investment opportunities.

Here are some great places to start looking for an angel investor.

Not sure where to start? Contact us today to help develop a prototype to present on your next angel investor meeting.

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