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Prototype Manufacturer

Lime Design has been having a great start to our third quarter. We have been focusing on hiring new team members and buying new state of the art prototyping equipment. Our efficiency has greatly increased and we are able to prototype more things at a faster pace!

Lime Design’s Got New Equipment!

Prototype Manufacturer
3D Printing Prototype
New Product Development
New Product Development
Prototype Manufacturer
Prototype Manufacturer

Lime Design is constantly adding to our arsenal of prototyping tools and machinery.


We recently installed the Stratus F170 professional 3D printer. This allows us to print with a secondary support material which dissolves easily. This machine is great at printing ABS Plastic and TPU Rubber parts.

We’ve added 3 Ultimaker 5s machines which are great work horses. We have a lot of experience with these machines and having multiple machines allows us to prototype more complicated projects quicker.


We’ve acquired a massive new CNC Laser Machine! We aren’t even sure how we got it in the door 🤷🏻‍♂️This Laser cutting machine is really good at cutting foam, wood, paper, fabric, and more. This machine expands our prototyping capabilities by allowing us to upload vector files for the machine to use and precisely cut and etch.

We are having delivered a Plastic Vacuum forming machine. This machine can form flat plastic sheets into any shape you want using a plastic, a mold,  and heat. The machine heats the sheet of plastic, then pushes that plastic onto the mold and vacuums it to get a tight and perfect encasing of the mold. With this machine we will be able to prototype blister packaging and create other plastic prototype parts.

To learn more about Lime Design, visit our website below!

We’ve got a new logo!

New Product Development

We have been experimenting with some new logo ideas to freshen up the Lime Design brand. We wanted to add something to our logo to further communicate our invention help message. Our Graphic Designer, John Medina, designed a new icon to use above the sliced I in Lime. We have always been a fan of the light bulb icon because our main goal is to help people make their great ideas into a reality. What better way to represent ideas than a simple lightbulb 💡

If you’re looking to expand your cooperate identity, reach out to Lime Design for your all of your company branding needs.

Written by Rodrigo Lima and John Medina. Lime Design 2020

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