Welcome to Lime Life

Welcome everybody to our product development  blog!

We have been working tirelessly on fine-tuning an identity that represents us as a product design firm in our South Florida landscape.  We emerged with a stronger, clearer vision of who we are. Our focus is to create, innovate, easy to manufacture and patent-able products while offering our clients the option to use conventional materials and processes as well as eco-friendly alternative materials. Our mission is clear: To be the lime-greenest design firm around!

We push for eco-friendly and community-conscious collaborations that will inspire now and for generations to come.  As we contribute to the growth of promising inventions, we reflected on the community that contributed to our growth and thought, “How can we give back?”   And, thus, our blog and client portal came to life! These outlets feature informative content for anyone interested in our field, whether a designer, client, or casual browser-by.

We hope to inspire everyone with a passion to start making ideas into reality.

Go ahead and explore a bit – Start living the Lime Life!


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