Lime Lingo: Tech Pack

part1What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is an informative control document that serves as a blueprint of your invention that designers create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a product. The term is short for technical specifications package. Typically designers will include measurements, materials, colors, trim, hardware, grading, labels, tags, and other details. Any essential aspect of your design needs to be described in your tech pack. The more detailed a tech pack is, the less room there is for error.

It is one of the most important tools to developing your product and making the communication process more efficient between you and your manufacturer.

What is typically in a Tech Pack?

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Exploded views
  • Suggested materials
  • Colors
  • Finishes
  • Quantities of each custom and off the shelf part
  • General dimensions

Why do you need a Tech Pack?

With a tech pack, designers are more likely to get a sample or product made correctly with minimal errors. Supplying a well developed tech pack to a manufacturer gives them a concrete guideline to your product, so without one it can be difficult for manufacturers to translate your idea into an actual product. It also allows the manufacturer to make a product without having to refer back to the designer several times.

When creating products, manufacturers can reference the tech pack to make sure they aren’t overlooking any aspect of your design. The tech pack allows you to easily get multiple comparable quotes to be able to determine the best strategic manufacturing partner based on price, delivery time, customer service and core competency.


Not sure where to begin?  Contact us to have the product development experts at Lime Design create an extensive and detailed tech pack for you to help get your product manufactured while minimizing the chance of error and increasing efficiency.

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