Loobie Doobie Dog Feeder

3D printed dog food measuring cup in Lime Design's South Florida office

By Rodrigo Lima

The Dog Feeder was developed on account of my new 5 month old yellow mix rescue dog named Loobie Doobie.  He had the habit of eating his food way too fast. I researched several ways to help slow Loobie’s eating and none of them worked out. I decided it would be a good idea to get some professional help, so my girlfriend and I consulted with our trainer and she suggested that a great way to slow down the dogs eating is to fill up an empty water bottle with his dog food and let him play and figure out how to get the food out of it.

That same night I drove home and was eager to test this new technique. It turned out to be a success – Loobie chased the water bottle around the house for almost an hour trying to get all the food out. The only downside to feeding him using this technique was that it was messy to actually get the food inside the bottle and we wanted a way to measure out the correct amount of dog food.  That’s when I decided to 3D print a funnel which holds exactly 1 cup of dog food to help facilitate this process. The lids came after and made it so we can easily take 1 or 2 meals to conveniently feed our new four legged friend.

Loobie Feeder -0006

The Dog Feeder holds one cup of dog food and fits easily on most water bottles. It is light weight and lids were added to the design to make it portable. This allows me to bring Loobie’s food with me to the park, beach or the office.  The feeder ultimately serves as a way to entertain, teach and slow down your pets eating!

While doing my research for Loobie I realized many dog owners had the same issues. So as a gift from me to you I’ve attached the file for you to download your very own 1 cup Dog Feeder.

Hope this helps keep your floors clean and your dogs healthy!

Click here to download your very own Dog Feeder.

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