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How We Help.

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This, is where we come in

There can be a lot of confusion when taking your idea and turning it into a real prototyped product. No worries this is what we do. We are a full product development company focused on taking ideas from a concept to a prototype to a final mass-manufactured product.

Our Easy Process

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Step 1

Describe and Explain your idea to us. Your ideas confidentiality is ensured through our NDA.

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Step 2

We will illustrate and design various Concepts and go through them with you.

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Step 3

After picking a good concept, our engineers will then create a Functional Prototype.

The Wonder Plug

Step 4

Once the product has been fully tested & approved, we will then source a Manufacturer and put in an order.

Why Partner With Us?

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We Find Balance With Prototypes

Finding a company that knows your needs and will create the perfect prototype isn’t easy. Most will require you to put in a high order amount or will upcharge you for single prototypes. Not us, we focus on helping independent inventors bring their idea to life, all our services will revolve around you

How We Work

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We Build a Prototype For Your Product

First, we start off by designing and then prototyping your product. We build all our prototypes in-house, using dozens of industry-standard methods including 3D printing, CNC machining, laser cutting, and more.

We'll Create Blueprints For Your Product

Once we’ve built a fully functional prototype and have extensive testing, we will then build the technical specification “tech specs” aka the product manufacturing blueprints. These are the exact specs that will allow any manufacturer to exactly replicate and build your product.

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We'll Find The Perfect Manufacturer

Using our network of connections and partners, we will go one by one through manufacturers to find the perfect one for your product. You can choose whether you want a USA or China-based manufacturer or if you just want the most cost-effective.

Products We've Prototyped

We’ve helped a lot of clients with product manufacturing, here are a couple of recent products that went all the way to manufacturing.

We Work With

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Independent Inventors

We love working with independent inventors, whether its your first time or your millionth invention. We have found that everyday regular people tend to have the best inventions because they find a common problem they face and create an innovative solution for it.

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We work with many different companies that need to outsource their design & prototyping. We've worked with companies in all types of industries from medical, toy, pet, farming, food ware, the list goes on and on.

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Product manufacturers often need to outsource some designs and engineering because many of them don't have an in-house teams to design & test products. We've built a lot of relationships with manufacturers across the world while helping them with designing.

Our 2021 Stats


Independent Inventors Taken To Manufacturing


Google Rated Product Design Company


Approved Prototypes

Our Team

We specialize in creating cost-effective, quick-to-market, full in-house product solutions for our clients so they don’t have to worry about whether they will have profitable margins for their product. Lime offers – 10+ staff with over 80 years combined experience to help bring your ideas to life.

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Client Testimonials

I want to give a big thanks to lime design for the prototype, it was so fast to do it, its amazing I'm so happy thank you to all the team"

Charles M.
Tennis Player and Coach

Thank you to rodrigo and his team, I loved working with lime design on a prototype of my sports bag.

Michael J.
UFC Fighter

Thanks for helping us design my idea. I'm looking forward to the next phase of the project! I could of not done it without your proffesional help and AMAZING customer service!

Alejandra M.

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