Product Prototype – 6 Useful Tips for Developing Yours

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Building a product prototype is an important part of turning an idea into a concrete reality. The prototype is what you will use to present your product to future investors.

These are 6 tips you should consider when developing a product prototype.

1. Don’t Wait

You’ve finally decided to take that first step. So what do you do next? If you are a DIY type of person, we suggest you draw up a quick design concept and a rough mockup.

2. Keep It Simple

Use Popsicle sticks and cardboard if you have to! The idea is to use the resources you have readily available.

3. Create a Virtual Mock-Up

Contact an industrial design firm to help with your product prototype. The team will be highly skilled with drafting software and can help create a digital mock-up of your product. Some can even go as far as creating a 3D print of your design to help with the prototyping.

4. From Physical to Functional Product Prototype

Make a list of all the components and features you would like to include in the functional prototype. If your product includes wiring, we recommend that you run it by someone who is skilled in electronics.

Once you’ve gathered all the components it is time to assemble. Using the proper tools, you should be able to pull off a respectable prototype.

5. Refining

The first prototype is never the final product. The important part is to have a prototype from which you can learn from. You’ll probably have to make several prototypes before you get to one that looks  and works like what you had envisioned.

6. Take Pictures

You never know what might happen to your prototype! If you ever happen to lose, break or are looking to rebuild your prototype you’ll have it documented.

BONUS TIP: Impressing Your Investors

Investors like to know the costs of the parts and the suggested retail price to give them an idea of their profit margin.

Do your research and make a good quality prototype to really impress your audience with a well developed idea. Have an easily demonstrable product? Even Better! Learn to avoid big mistakes when developing your prototype.

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