Product Prototyping of Invention Designs with 3D Printer

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Product Prototyping of your invention designs just got better at Lime Design. First of all, our new German RepRap X400 and Mark ForgedTwo Pro 3D printers make it possible for our clients to speed up the process of getting their products to market.

Lime Design is a Fort Lauderdale-based Product Development Company that specializes in working with Corporate Clients as well as inventors.

The Cutting Edge of Product Prototyping

Are you an inventor looking for product prototyping services? Our clients can rely on Lime Design to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Most of all, our Fast Prototyping 3d printers are just one more addition to our continuous process of improvement.

We invite our current and potential customers to come visit us and see the German Rep Rap X400 PRO V3 3D printer and the MarkForged Mark Two Pro in action.

Ultra-Rapid Product Prototyping

You may have heard of rapid product prototyping; as a result of our new cutting edge 3d printers we can now do ultra-rapid product prototyping.

This is especially relevant in this highly competitive market where inventors and companies require their new products to reach market in record speed.

Below Are The Latest 3D Printers in Our Arsenal

Product Prototyping with the German RepRap X400

If you are an inventor looking to develop a prototype for your idea, the German RepRap X400 is ideal for:Composite 3D Printing with fiberglass or liquid silicone. Producing components for high-impact conditions, like drone, plane or auto parts. Developing sensitive technology, like products with body or object scanners. Larger products like automobile parts.

The Mark Two Pro 3D Printer can print an incredible range of materials

The Mark Two Pro has the following capabilities: Onyx, a proprietary plastic mix of nylon and carbon fibers. Nylon, known for its lightweight durability. Carbon fiber, popular in aerospace, auto and engineering applications. Fiberglass, a glass-reinforced plastic used in construction and telecommunications. HSHT (High Strength High Temperature) Fiberglass. Aramid fibers, like Kevlar and other body armor or ballistic composites.

Product Prototyping for Your Idea

In conclusion we encourage you to get your product prototype fast by using Lime Design state-of-the-art 3D printing services. Finding a company that offers in-house product prototyping services often results in better control over quality.

Lime Design can help you with product development needs. Contact us to get your product prototype today!

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