At Lime Design, we offer creative design and engineering services and deliver Turn Key solutions for Product and invention Development. We work with our clients locally in Miami Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida. We have also successfully work with many clients internationally delivering fast and affordable services.

Our team is comprised of top professional Industrial Product Developers, Toy Designers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, and Marketing Specialists. Our product development services will take you from initial concepts & prototype to manufacturing and market launch. We offer creative solutions so you can focus on your next big idea.


Industrial design studies function and form—and the connection between product, user, and environment. We create products that connect with our client’s target audience and demographics. This is where form meets function.
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With the help of 3D-Modeling Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, such as Solidworks, the configuration of an object or space can be virtually laid-out for users to best communicate a product concept. This method allows for easy visualization, manipulation and alteration of a concept that is far superior to any 2D method. Learn More


3D-printing and Rapid-Prototyping has changed how products are developed. We can take 3D models created in CAD software and have a 3D-printed part in your hands in days or weeks cutting the time to reach market significantly. We print in SLA, FDM, and SLS printing processes.
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Photo-realistic 3D renderings are a great way to develop your product virtually before spending money on prototypes. Great for compelling marketing and investors licensing presentation material. We make your idea come to life!
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Mass production in plastic parts is often a great way to mass produce and get the most out of your investment. We will guide you through the manufacturing process and help you select the best materials and manufactures. While we manufacture globally, we take pride in manufacturing in the USA.
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The best way to protect your idea is through the patent system.We will help you decide what’s right for you.With the use of Utility Patents, Design Patents, design drawings, well-articulated patent writing, trademarks, and copyrights you will protect and defend your idea.
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Logo, branding, packaging, animations, business cards, marketing material, vinyl wraps, posters, signage, and flyers are just some of our graphic design products. We offer a full suite of graphic design services that visualize the marketing strategy you need for your product. We rock a fresh graphical style that sets you apart from your competition. Learn More


Mechanical Engineering defines the competency that ensures the streamlined functionality and movement of components relative to each other and the overall product assembly. Our mechanical engineering team utilizes mathematical, virtual, and physical methodologies to ensure our designs are functional and fluid.
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Our Electrical Engineering specialization ensures that we design electronic products with electrical efficiency and regulatory safety. We create products with consideration of optimal electrical layout plans, current manufacturing regulations and standards and cost-effective manufacturing processes.
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3D Sculpting

Organic shapes is where 3D sculpting shines the most for product design. Ranging from the average garden gnome to the most complex action figures, we can create it all using the Industry standard software, Zbrush. 3D sculpting is optimal for products such as toys and action that are based on organic things – people, monsters, animals, and so on. Learn More

Architecture and Interior Design

Interior is what makes a home, or the first impression for a business. At Lime Design we can expertly craft your interior – both 3D and reality. Utilizing a variety of 3D software and some good ol’ elbow grease, we can provide all the ins and outs to make your interior pop and match the dream image swimming around in your head. Learn More

Soft Goods / Cut and Sew

Soft Goods can be just as important as the hard goods. From fabrics, foam, and other soft materials, we can help you find the right material to create the optimal design for your product. Manufacturing in the USA and overseas. Learn More


Don’t see the service you’re looking for in our list? We work closely with our vendors and a network of on-demand creatives, designers and engineers. Send us a message and one of our team members will gladly go over your project’s specific needs.



We’ll help you brainstorm ideas for your next product launch. We serve you and your idea. As your guide and mentor, we develop your idea strategically toward an inspiring solution. We stay grounded in our proven, human-centered product development process. As every project is unique, so will be our plan-of-action, customized to fit your needs and goals.


We are entrepreneurs at heart. Although infrequent, we at times take special interest in ideas that come our way. When we do show interest, we make great co-pilots. We understand the nitty-gritty of building from the ground up and and consider alternative compensation plans to take part in new ventures. Some of our co-creations are: Simple Socket, Tokeez, Big Shark Pool Products.


From finely-designed 3D-printed metal jewelry to hand-crafted sculptures and artisan fashion, we keep it fresh. We keep limited runs for our designs to maintain the feel of unique. Find a unique creation in our store… Coming Soon!