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Why Lime Design?

At Lime Design, we understand that each client and project is unique. We are an a la carte product development company and we are not afraid to vary our product development process to ensure that you get the best outcome for your project. We can provide you with the full product development and branding and marketing process. However, we understand that you may be in a different stage on your product. For that reason, we are able to offer any service or part of a service you need. 

When you work with Lime Design, the best thing that sets us apart from all other firms is the confidence you have in our process. Before we begin a project with our clients, we set a clear roadmap you can follow and refer to as we continue your project. This road map sets out exactly what we need to develop in order to get you a successful project. We are clear and transparent with each stage and why we need to do each stage. Additionally, we will make sure to let you know which stages we have already covered along the way so you know exactly what we have done and what is left to do. Just as much as Lime Design collaborates internally with our team, we make sure you are included in that collaboration as much as you want to be.

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