With the help of 3D-Modeling Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, such as Solidworks, the configuration of an object or space can be virtually laid-out for users to best communicate a product concept. This method allows for easy visualization, manipulation and alteration of a concept that is far superior to any 2D method.

Custom 3D Modeling Solutions

We have a highly skilled team of Engineers, Drafters, and Animators in our South Florida office that can easily convert your 2D sketches/plans to a 3D Model in no time. Also, our experienced team can utilize their skills to speed up your product/architectural design process. Our expertise stems from the service delivery processes that help us gauge your exact requirements in as much depth as possible.

Lime Design delivers 2D to 3D Modeling services for Visualization and defect analysis to shorten the lead time for ideation, conceptualization, and execution.

Our team of 3D designers and drafters create 3D geometry consisting of a spatial arrangement of objects, utilities and building spaces through software such as AutoCAD Solidworks, ArchiCAD, Keyshot, Blender, ZBrush, and more. The deliverables can satiate all your marketing, conceptualization and product development needs. We enable you to digitally design, visualize and simulate your most complex ideations simplifying the actual engineering process in subsequent stages.

With 2D to 3D Modeling service, a single 3D model encompassing all design elements can be shared across a multidisciplinary team of product developers, engineers and designers, and manufacturers; thus simplifying:

  • Communication
  • Consistency
  • Error reduction
  • Streamlined design process

The ease of visualization and testing of designs under real-world simulations, all within a unified, intelligent and updatable 3D model, enables exhaustive exploration of complete product/project before it incurs the costs of building physical prototypes or beginning construction.

From engineers, architects and designers to visual effects artists, animators and game developers, 2D to 3D modeling help design professionals manifest their designs from 2D to 3D, transforming ideas and concepts to realistic simulations for precise planning in production.