Photo-realistic 3D renderings are a great way to develop amazing visuals of your product virtually, before spending money on prototypes. Renders are great for compelling marketing, and an absolute must for presentations to help sell your product. When your product goes to market, renders are an absolute must for product pages to provide clean, professional visuals of exactly what the product is. We make your idea come to life!


Lime Design offers a variety of 3D rendering services to create visualizations that bring your projects to life right before your eyes. With the help of our state-of-the-art 3D modeling and rendering software, you can have 3D architectural renderings for construction and building projects, 3D aerial renderings for prospective investors, 3D interior renderings for home renovation projects, 3D Products Marketing Collateral, and so much more.

We build your models to your specifications, ensuring it matches the visual you require. Be it a product, architectural, or otherwise, we can build it in 3D space. For architectural or interior, we follow provided floor plans and design concepts to create a greyscale model of what you want. With your approval we begin texturing it; the process of applying colors, materials, textures, and render it out to create a gorgeous image of the model to display on product pages or to show investors.

Why do you need renderings?

To show off! When an investor is going to consider helping fund your product, or even if crowdfunding is your option, people want to see proof of concept and the visuals to show that you’re serious and know what you’re doing. Renders will greatly assure them that your product is serious, and you now have an amazing visual to show them instead of trying to explain it with a lot of hand gestures and “its kind of like this product mixed with that product!” Even beyond that, when your product hits the market, a clean, professional render will add to customer confidence in your product and make it more appealing to purchase.

If you’re in the market for architectural renderings, it can be used to get approval for renovations, construction, loans, or even to show a general contractor so they have a strong understanding of what they’re helping you establish. A solid 3D render and floor plan brings together all the elements and cements a visual goal for your building or space.

We would also consider blending the two ideas. If your product is, for example, a vaccuum, we can design an interior to fit the visual for a solid marketing image that demonstrates the product to scale as it would appear in the real world.

3D Renderings for Packaging

Packaging is important, and you need to stand out from the crowd. 3D renderings do allow for a perfect visual, with no defects or lighting issues that a traditional product photoshoot would provide. The very same goes for packaging, which can and likely will have small nicks, damaged corners, or bends. 3D renders circumvent this with perfect packaging images that have no flaws to worry about.

3D Renderings for Animations

Renders are also the basis for 3D animations, and you can opt to have Lime Design make a variety of animations as well. Turntables, break downs, and demonstrations are fantastic examples of what our 3D animations can do for your product.

In the field of architectural, 3D animations can provide building explanations, 3D tours of an interior for explanations or online apartment tours.