3D Sculpting

Lime Design has added another service to the ranks; 3D sculpting. In typical CAD programs such as Solidworks, applying a textured finish to the model is a very difficult venture. But with our Zbrush software, Digital Sculpting is not an issue any longer.

It feels… texturey.

At Lime Design, we’re proud to offer the finest sculpting work in South Florida. But to ensure the finest, we’re always stepping up our game. Most CAD programs would truly struggle to apply textures to a product, or make organic shapes for toys. Thats where Zbrush steps in.

Zbrush is an organic sculpting application that makes organic or textured modeling far easier. If you would want a leather texture on your product, for example, Zbrush can be used to apply it across your model. Scales on a dragon toy? Cracks on a fake rock? Beard texture for a bobblehead? All possible.

Organic shapes is where 3D sculpting shines the most for product design. Ranging from the average garden gnome to the most complex action figures, Zbrush truly pulls its weight. 3D sculpting is optimal for products such as action figures, or toys that are based on organic things – people, monsters, animals, and so on due to how easily these shapes and forms can be crafted.

Even medical recreations of anatomy and skeletons are a notch on our belt. We can achieve full recreations of even CT scans, and recreate missing parts from a scan, or edit them as needed through Digital Sculpting techniques.

Deformations and smaller details for 3D rendering purposes are opened up as a stronger possibility as well, allowing for bags and cloth to have natural looking creases, adding to the realism of the product imagery.

3D sculpting makes all kinds of products a possibility now, with no limitations in the way any longer. Likeness bobbleheads, action figures, statues, and all sorts of novelty products are no longer a struggle.

Next time you need your invention or product to have that nice, textured touch to it or an organic design, for Digital Sculpting, look no further than Lime Design.