Lime Design offers a variety of 3D and 2D animation – ranging from short ads, to 3D product demonstrations, and other general purpose 3D animations. From 30 to 60 frames, Lime Design can tackle all your animating needs.

Life is better in motion.

At Lime Design, we have the finest animators in South Florida, and they firmly believe a picture says a thousand words – so a 2 minute animation says around 360,000 by our count.

Animations take so many aspects of products, and turns great into fantastic. Seeing a still image of a prototype is one thing, but seeing a full on, beautifully rendered video of how a product functions with all the added style of the digital editing world can make your product look a cut above the rest of the competition – all right here in our South Florida office.

A solid animation can make or break how well a product sells. Looking at some of the biggest companies in the world – Apple, Sony, Motorola, Coca Cola, and so on. A memorable, well made animation that can demonstrate a product or leave its impression on a consumer is an invaluable experience, as the product or brand becomes memorable and customers are more likely to hold it in a higher regard than the product with no advertising.

2D animation is a series of flat images, often used for the crawls you may see on the bottom of a newscast, or the credits to a TV show. Even with the finest 3D animations, 2D is always useful. In the field of product design and inventions, its primarily used to provide information about the product or idea. To sell your invention adequately, a hybrid of 2D and 3D is often the go to.

3D animation is another beast entirely. 3D allows us to manipulate outside elements freely that can’t quite be done in the real world, such as interactions without seeing something interact, such as a flap opening without someone’s hand reaching in to open it. Videos shot in the real work can also feature imperfections on the product, such as scratches from handling, but 3D rendered animations have no such defects. We utilize Blender and Keyshot to do all of our 3D animations.

For more complex animations that require deformation, such as cloth or bending limbs on a character, rigging is required to allow the surfaces of the models to stretch, bend, and squash as needed.

You can find several of our animations – 2D and 3D, above. Feel free to check out our Youtube for more!