There’s no limit to what you can get designed with our team, and graphic design is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning flyers, the talented group of designers at Lime Design can make it happen. We pride ourselves on the high quality service; we deliver only the best graphic design services in South Florida that not only look nice, but also work seamlessly to fulfill your marketing goals.

Custom Design Solutions

Our Macro approach to design solutions for our customers is one of Full Service. With all the tools, team, and experience – we offer an A to Z array of services that will look good and fulfill the right marketing objectives which we also help you figure out.

What is Graphic Design good for? Why should I want it?

The better question to ask is why shouldn’t you want it? Graphic design makes up the vast majority of your marketing and branding. Your logo, packaging design, sell sheets, fliers, and more. Your ability to market and sell your product idea will largely rely on your graphic design elements.

A good logo imprints your brand upon consumers; they’re more likely to remember it and familiarize themselves with your brand. Solid package design is the next big goal, as a package that stands out with a unique, creative flair will make people recognize your product, or get them interested in it in the first place. Elements like proper color choices can invoke emotions and influence decision making, so your package design is like a first impression – incredibly important and leaves a huge influence.

Does it go beyond packaging and logos?

Absolutely! Think about the many forms of advertising; apparel, brochures, business cards, social media graphics, displays, and more. One way or another, graphic design is an absolute paramount need  that one simply cannot pass up.

Our team has several incredibly experienced graphic designers that can craft all of your designs, utilizing vector software that can scale your design infinitely to fit any and all needs, no matter the size.

Don’t go to just anyone, come to Lime Design for the best graphic design work in all of South Florida, and let’s make sure that your product truly stands out from the crowd and draws eyes on shelves.