Industrial design studies function and form—and the connection between product, user, and environment. We create products that connect with our client’s target audience and demographics. This is where form meets function.

At Lime Design, industrial design is the heart and soul of what we do, and the core of product design. It is the study of function and form, as well as the connection between the product, user, and the environment. Our goal is to take your idea and make it a reality so you can hit the market as fast as possible with our team, the finest designers in Florida.

Concept Ideation

At Lime Design, we’re constantly perfecting our product development process. We work closely with you to to get you to the goal. The first and most important step is concept development, which includes brainstorming, ideation, and concept sketches to visualize and refine an idea quickly. You may have an inkling of an idea, and we have the knowledge to get it to where you want it. In our meetings, we sit with you to discuss your idea, what works, what will not work, and what can be improved upon. This is the pivotal first step to ensure your idea is being brought to its prime, and we know exactly what you want done.

Sketch Rendering

The sketch rendering process is a colored sketch design of your product. Its hard to share the exact same mental image, so we sketch out what we envision your idea to look like, as per your guidelines. Utilizing a variety of products that may fit your idea,  we sketch based on your guidelines and provide it in a presentation – complete with any items that may have inspired our sketch.


As your product proceeds to a finalized design, the endgame is determining the finer details on how to have it made. There are hundreds of ways to make your product, but choosing the right materials is important to ensure it continues to function as needed, as well as elements like how durable it is. That material can also effect the cost, which we strive to isolate the best material for success and low manufacturing costs.

Electronic Elements

Not every product is just plastic, some ideas require the finer touch of electronics. Electronics are often not quite so simple as on and off, as some will require software or coding to properly manipulate, or PCB (Printed Circuit Board) development to have it fully functioning. Ranging from LEDs, speakers, bluetooth, and other complexities, we have an understanding of how to have electronics harmonize with your product to meet the need.

Getting It In Your Hands

When you’ve settled on a design, there’s one incredibly important step left: your prototype. A functioning prototype is not just proof of concept, but the most convincing argument you can possibly present to an investor. Our team builds physical prototypes that replicate the product to test that it functions and delivers a fulfilling user experience as expected.
With our top of the line 3D printing equipment, we have the means to tackle any prototype. Our printers range from standard plastic, rubber-like material, resin, and silicone. For other projects, such as those on a larger scale or furniture, we have a CNC cutter for sheet metal, wood, acrylic, plastic, and some light metals. For manufacturing purposes, we can even make your first mold in-house, to help further speed along your process to get your product idea out on the market.
Our team has the equipment, knowledge, and skills needed to quickly get a prototype in your hands for testing or presenting.