Interior is what makes a home, or the first impression for a business. At Lime Design we can expertly craft your interior – both 3D and reality. Utilizing a variety of 3D software and some good ol’ elbow grease, we can provide all the ins and outs to make your interior pop and match the dream image swimming around in your head.

Custom Design Solutions

Our approach to interior design for our customers can be the full package. With all the tools, team, and experience – we can take your interior from average to sublime.

Why do I want an interior design? Why should I choose Lime Design?

Well, that depends. Do you want your home to be the utmost it can be for your comfort? When you’re home, you want it to feel like its truly your space; with your layout and decor matching your personality and needs, from the best designers in South Florida?

Similarly, for a business, you want it to match the tone of the business, but it needs to pop and visually outdo your competition. First impressions are everything, and if you want returning customers, you need a design that provides a memorable experience to ensure that second, third, and even more visits.

If either of those sound interesting to you, then yeah, you want a new interior design! We can make it in 3D software, complete with textures and colors, to visualize your new interior exactly as you pictured it.

Does it go beyond just visualization?

Absolutely! We’re great at 3D, but our team of designers are seasoned experts in the design fields, and can make the dream a reality. Setting up a floor plan is well within our realm of expertise, but we can take it a step further and build elements of your new interior. Ranging from 3D printed parts and props to acrylic, some metal, and of course wood working, to build various props, furniture, and even some electronic parts such as lights. We can even provide photo realistic renderings to give you or a GC the ideal visual – exactly as you pictured it in your head.

So if you’re in the market to shake up your interior, look no further than Lime Design!