Mass production in plastic parts is often a great way to mass produce and get the most out of your investment. We will guide you through the manufacturing process and help you select the best materials and manufactures. While we manufacture globally, we take great pride in manufacturing in the USA.

Manufactured products optimized for quality and cost

At Lime Design we develop products from start to finish and can take it as far as fully manufactured products to your door, straight out of our South Florida office. Our engineers expertly prepare your designs for manufacturing and work directly with our production networks to ensure that you receive the highest quality units possible. Our service is flexible, and can be customized to find a manufacturing solution for your product. Contact us to speak to a manufacturing expert about your project.


Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
Manufacturing goods is a massive step in delivering your product to market and at Lime Design we ensure that every final component is engineered to fit together and function properly off the production line. Minimal revisions means less time spent tinkering, and a quicker return on your investment.

Rapid Prototyping
At our shop in Hollywood, Florida, we have production equipment capable of producing rapid prototype versions of your product for testing or presentation – speeding up design and revision with real-world test versions of your product. Rest assured, once it reaches your manufacturer of choice, your product will be prepared for successful production runs.

Worldwide Manufacturer Network
Manufacturing with Lime Design means that you get access to a network of suppliers both stateside and overseas. We have developed personal relationships through years of working with our manufacturers – guaranteeing quality production at the best prices possible.

Quality Control
Quality Control, also known as QC, ensures that your product has a consistent result by manually inspecting each part for any defects or areas that don’t match up to the standard of production.