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Our Product Design Services

We will guide you through the manufacturing process and help you select the best materials and manufacturers. While we can manufacture globally, we take pride in manufacturing in the USA.

We Want To Manufacture Your Product

Over 4,000 Approved Designs

Over the past decade we have had over 4000 happy clients. Our designs always break barriers and connect the user with the product.

Worldwide Manufacturing

We are in contact with manufacturers all over the world. Our goal is to source the top manufacturer for your product in terms of quality and budget.

Team Of Profesionals

Our team is made up of highly experienced designers and engineers, all with years of product development experience.

Fastly Growing

We are the fastest-growing product design company in South Florida. We are striving to achieve “the perfect design”

Our Approach

Innovative Design

We strongly beleive that if designs arent new and innovating that they have no purpose in the world.

Why Work With Us

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Full In-House Team

There are few product design companies that are full in-house like us, most of our competition outsources their work.

Fast Time To Market

We understand time is extremely valuable, so we always strive to give you the fastest time to market possible.

We Actually Care

We love seeing innovative products being invented. Once manufactured we try to help our clients in any way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’ve taken a lot of our client’s products to manufacturers. We are in contact with a vast amount of manufacturers. When it comes time to manufacture your product we will go through all our manufacturers and compare apples to apples to find you the best price.

We are in contact with manufacturers all over the world. If you plan to manufacture your product in the USA or China, we have manufacturing partners in both countries. It all depends on the client’s preference.

Client Testimonials

Based On Over 125+ Google Reviews

I want to give a big thanks to lime design for the prototype, it was so fast to do it, its amazing I'm so happy thank you to all the team

John Doe

I loved working with lime design on a prototype of my sports bag.

Michael J.

Thanks for helping us design my idea. I'm looking forward to the next phase of the project! Thanks again for taking the time to explain the product development process. I could of not done it without your professional help and AMAZING customer service! I recommend anyone to Lime, u won't regret it

Alejandra M.

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