The best way to protect your idea is through the patent system, and we at Lime Design will help you decide what’s right for you to protect your idea. With the use of Utility Patents, Design Patents, design drawings, well-articulated patent writing, trademarks, and copyrights you will protect and defend your idea.

Protect Your Idea

Having patent protection is beyond important, as it keeps your idea from being made by someone else, or even a competing product that would be deemed far too similar. At Lime Design, we have access to large a network of highly qualified and experienced independent registered patent attorneys, many of which aren’t far from our South Florida office.  Working with us, a full patent search is conducted and will include a legal opinion regarding the likelihood of getting a patent for your product. Our goal is to help you keep your idea as your idea.


Our extensible knowledge of the patent application process, USPTO guidelines, patenting process time frames, as well as the different patent protection and marketing tools provided to our clients, makes Lime Design, through our customer care, a true ally for inventors during the patent process. We’ll go through the processes for you and provide everything we can to help achieve a successful patent. We truly understand how important your own invention is, and we want to ensure it stays as your idea as it reaches the market.
 Lime Design can also set you up with a trusted patent attorney, which you can read more about by clicking here.


Patent drawings are detailed illustration of an invention that are submitted with the application during the Patent application process. The goal of a patent drawing is to clearly demonstrate what the product is so it can be referenced against current patents, or in the future when other similar products are being made to protect your idea. Team Lime can have your product drawings done quickly and accurately to ensure your Patent is filed seamlessly to protect your idea!

All of our Patent Drawings are guaranteed to be compliant and we can turn revisions around in as quickly as 24 hours.