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We Do Patenting Better.

The best way to protect your idea is through the patent system. We will help you decide what’s right for you. With the use of Utility Patents, Design Patents, design drawings, well-articulated patent writing, trademarks, and copyrights you will protect and defend your idea.


Past Projects We Did Patenting For

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Our Patenting Abilities/Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Do Patent Illustrations?

Yes, we help our clients work with their lawyers by creating design patent or utility patent illustrations.

Do You Have Any Reccomendations For IP Attorneys?

Yes, we work with many distinguished patent and trademark intellectual property attorneys, contact us for more information.

When Should You Start Working With Patent Attorneys?

We like working with intellectual patent attorneys early, in product development proccess. This often allows us to create a more patentable product. We like to do this parallel with the conceptual development stage of the proccess.

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