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Lime Design is South Florida’s premiere consumer product development firm providing everything you need to bring your invention ideas to life and create successful product businesses.

Lime Design is a South Florida-based full-service Product Development Company specializing in all aspects of Product and Invention Development. Headquartered in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, FL, from initial concept to manufacturing, our team provides a proven, human-centered design process. Servicing established companies and independent inventors, we empower our clients with creative design solutions to thrive in a competitive market. We keep our edge by continually adding fresh talent to the Lime Design, Engineering, and Marketing Team! We are the Versatile Design Ninjas you have been looking for.

Our Story

Est. 2008

Lime Design was founded in 2008 at our first location in FortLauderdale Florida. As a new company, we faced numerous challenges and odds stacked against us. However, we persevered and overcame these obstacles with determination and ingenuity. Our limited resources compelled us to think creatively and find innovative solutions. Our team worked tirelessly, wearing multiple hats and collaborating closely to maximize efficiency. With each hurdle we encountered, we adapted, learned, and evolved, steadily growing into a successful enterprise. The first office may have been humble, but it laid the foundation for our remarkable journey and taught us the invaluable lessons of resilience and adaptability.

New Opportunities in 2018

After 10 years of working hard to build our business from ground zero, we finally were able to upgrade our workspace. In 2018 we moved to Downtown Hollywood, FL into a small 1 story house. Our new location offered an accessible area for new customers looking to invent and kick start their business. Having a larger space allowed us to grow our arsenal of 3D printers, Laser machines, and more. This new space also provided an incredible opportunity to bring on new members to the team to help our team grow. In addition to having a larger space for prototyping capabilities, we also brought on team members to help us with Graphic Design. We now have expanded our capabilities from being able to develop your product, but also being able to develop marketing material for your business, Logos, Packaging, Websites, and more.

Our Design Firm Today!

Fast Forwarding a bit to today, our design firm has moved to the heart of Downtown Hollywood, FL near Young Circle. Moving here in 2021, our journey has lead us to new heights and we are now thriving in our own Tech Hub building. Our new facility is about double the size of our last office and is a designers paradise. We love our new building so much, we even commissioned a beautiful mural to be made that represents our commitment to innovation and invention. Having a larger space allows us to continue to expand our business and equipment. We now have over 10 state-of-the-art 3D printers to help us rapidly prototype our clients ideas. Providing Invention opportunities to the city of Downtown Hollywood is our goal. We want to give anybody the possibility to take their lives into their own hands and develop a lasting business from the ground up.

Our Mission

Lime Design provides the best professional-grade product design, engineering, and development for our clients. We work with start-ups and inventors, as well as established businesses to create compelling products. We specialize in creating cost-effective, quick-to-market, full in-house product solutions for our clients so they don’t have to worry about whether they will have profitable margins for their product. Lime offers a full creative team with well over 100 years combined experience to help bring your ideas to life.

We live by our vision to be the lime-greenest, most-trusted, and innovative product development firm. We value an environmentally-conscious manufacturing process. We seek to guide our clients with green design methods that eliminate the use of non-renewable and hazardous substances and encourage biodegradable materials. We proudly support manufacturing in the USA to encourage an economy of localism and reduce our carbon footprint. We are innovators, risk-takers, and collaborators.

If you’re looking for the best product development team and you’ve got a game-changing new invention, reach out to us and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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June 7, 2024 • 28min

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