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Inventor | Client Success Story

Harana Hot Dog Grill – Professional Basketball Player Nigel Hayes-Davis

March 21, 2023 • 25min

Thank you Nigel for being our guest on the show!

Nigel Hayes-Davis  |  Youtube @somestufftowatch  |  Instagram / Twitter @nigel_hayes

Harana Hot Dog Griller – Sign up now and receive your Harana Hot Dog Griller $5 OFF!  |  https://shopharana.myshopify.com/  |  Instagram / TikTok @harana.us

Inventor | Client Success Story

The Chub Rub Patch –

Brittany Lammon

Feb 21, 2023 • 23min

Thank you Brittany for being our featured guest on the podcast. We are so proud to have been a part of this project with you and to push the success of bringing your product onto Shark Tank

Seeing our client’s sales skyrocket through the roof and hearing about their success is what the Lime Design team truly lives for. We love what we do and we’re pushing for more success stories to come!

Brittany Lammon  |  The Chub Rub Patch  |  https://thechubrubpatch.com/

IP Attorney

Bold Patents Law Firm –

JD Houvener Patent Attorney

Feb 9, 2023 • 27min

JD Houvener  |  Patent Attorney  |  https://boldip.com/  |  800-849-1913

3D Services

Additive Manufacturing – 3DChimera –                              Alex Hussain

Jan 13, 2023 • 22min

Alex Hussain  |  3DChimera  |  YOUTUBE / @3dchimera  |  WEBSITE:  https://3dchimera.com/

IP Attorney

The Plus IP Firm Patenting – Derek Fahey & Mark Terry

Jan 13, 2023 • 30min

Derek Fahey  |  954.332.3584  |  derek@plusfirm.com  |  https://plusfirm.com/

Mark Terry | mark@plusfirm.com

Engineering Consultant

Artec Eva 3D Scanner – Stephen Petrock Engineer Consultant

Jan 12, 2023 • 15min

IP Attorney

The Ins & Outs of Patent Law – Nick Spatola – Part 2

Dec 29, 2022 • 36min

Nicholas Spatola  |  (954) 247-4865  |  https://www.originslaw.com/

IP Attorney

The Ins & Outs of Patent Law – Nick Spatola – Part 1

Dec 21, 2022 • 17min

Nicholas Spatola  |  (954) 247-4865  |  https://www.originslaw.com/

IP Attorney

Best Advice for Entrepreneurs – Rob Drolet

Dec 13, 2022 • 23min

Had an amazing chat with IP Attorney, Rob Drolet. A lot of great information here for all the entrepreneurs who need to know how to keep their ideas safe and protected.

Rob Drolet  |  (954) 691-0260  |  rob@rldpatents.com  |  https://rldpatents.com/

Client Success Story

HVAC Grill Buddy –

Joe Allington

Dec 1, 2022 • 17min

The inventor and entrepreneur Joe Allington, came to us with this innovative idea, The HVAC Grill Buddy. With this Easy Filtration Management System, you dont have to tape up vents anymore. We helped him find the best manufacturer to produce his product, all the way through to marketing.

IP Attorney

How to Protect Your Idea – Derek Fahey

Nov 8, 2022 • 1hr 4min

In this podcast, we interviewed Patent Attorney, Derek Fahey. This podcast is a casual conversation discussing difficult topics in regards to patenting and protecting a product idea.

Working with Patent Attorneys early in the development process can potentially help create a more patentable product. I’ve work with Derek from The Plus IP firm on over 30 design and utility patents and have worked with him for a little over 8 years, to help protect my client’s intellectual property.

Derek Fahey  |  954.332.3584  |  derek@plusfirm.com  |  https://plusfirm.com/

Manufacturing Experience Story

Manufacturing Questions – Bsense

Oct 27, 2022 • 28min

Special thanks to our sourcing and manufacturing partners from Bsense for joining us on our podcast. We find that it is necessary to talk about the difficult questions when it comes to manufacturing.

Manufacturing can be a challenge and we want to pass on our knowledge to help you with your manufacturing experience.

Inventor | Client Success Story

Wags Wipes & Bags –

Rochelle Crunk

Oct 20, 2022 • 30min

Special thanks to Rochelle Crunk for being our guest on the show.

Wags Wipes and Bags are available for sale at www.amazon.com/wagswipes&bags

We love working closely with our clients. Always striving to making the best version of product ideas to ensure it’s potential spot in the market it serves.

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