We are designers, strategists and creative problem-solvers. Our creative team consists of talented, highly-trained professional creatives with 40+ years of experience. We specialize in Product Development, Branding, Web and Graphic Design, SEO, Animation, Architecture and Space Design.

Rodrigo Lima

Founder / CEO / Creative Director

Rodrigo Lima has devoted his life to helping people make their dreams and ideas into a reality. Rodrigo has 20 + years of experience in design and engineering. Learn More.

Loobie Lima

Chief executive / Team Mascot

Our Dog Loobie, rescued in 2016, has secretly been running Lime Design ever since. His favorite snack is peanut butter and he loves to play fetch. 

Tanya Gomez

Business Development

Tanya Gomez is our sales and marketing specialist and has over 20 years of experience. Her happy and energetic personality is contagious. Tanya’s focus is on improving our business strategy and efficiency.

Manuel Garcia

Sr. Industrial Designer / Team Leader

Manuel is a perfectionist by nature and has over 15 years of experience in the product development field. Manuel runs our design team with clear communication and is a natural leader.

John Medina

Graphic Designer / Social Media

John is our graphic creative specialist with over 7 years of experience in branding, packaging, and graphic design. John is easy to work with and has helped many clients develop a powerful online presence. 

Jonathan Belcher

Jr. Industrial Designer

Jonathan Belcher is a versatile Industrial Designer. His background in outdoor sports, hunting, and camping gives a unique insight into designing products in those categories.

Oedipson Jean

Industrial Designer

Oedipson, also known as OJ is one of Lime Design’s rising stars. A hands on prototyping specialist and is an all-around solid visual communicator. His polite and funny personality will charm you as much as his design work.

Rodrigo Simon

Rendering and Animation

Simon is Lime Design’s Tech Junky. He specializes in photo-realistic renderings and animations. Capable of quickly ideating and creating captivating 3D visualizations.

Luz Garcia

Sr. Industrial Designer

Luz is a mechanically savvy and versatile Industrial Designer. Solving complicating problems is what she does for fun. Resourceful and easy to work with, her 10+ years of experience brings a valuable female insight to our team.

Ximena Otalora

Industrial / Toy Designer

Ximena is a professional kid at heart. Her 10+ year of experience in toy design and packaging spans from conceptual character design to 3D modeling, prototyping, and creating fun and captivating graphics for packaging. 

Yves Michel

Sr. Industrial Designer

Yves is a true concept development ninja. He brings style and pleasing visual communication to our development process. Yves plays with making simple and modern forms layered with edge details, material parting lines, and texture.

Jamil Robinson

Graphics and Print

Jamil is our boots on the ground when it comes to printing large format graphics. A master of crushing deadlines, even with tight delivery timelines, he gets it done! A resourceful and creative designer and entrepreneur. 

At Lime Design we love to grow our team and gain new skills with everyone that works with us. If you think you have valuable skills you could bring to Lime Design than contact us today and see if you’ve got what it takes! CONTACT LIME DESIGN