Meet The Creative Team

We are designers, strategists, and creative problem-solvers. Our creative team consists of talented, highly-trained professional creatives with 40+ years of experience. We specialize in Product Development for physical products including hard and soft goods.

We live by our vision to be the lime-greenest, most-trusted, and innovative product development firm. We value an environmentally-conscious manufacturing process. We seek to guide our clients with green design methods that eliminate the use of non-renewable and hazardous substances and encourage biodegradable materials. We proudly support manufacturing in the USA to encourage an economy of localism and reduce our carbon footprint. We are innovators, risk-takers, and collaborators. If you have a new invention or idea contact us today.

Rodrigo Lima

Founder / CEO / Creative Director

Rodrigo Lima has devoted his life to helping people make their dreams and ideas into a reality. Rodrigo has 20 + years of experience in design and engineering.

Tanya Gomez

Sales & Marketing

Tanya is an essential part of our team with many years of experience in sales and marketing, she can provide solutions to almost any sales & marketing problem.

Manuel Garcia

Project Manager / Snr. Industrial Designer

Manuel is a perfectionist by nature and has over 15 years of experience in product development. Manuel runs our design team with clear communication and is a natural leader.

Luz Cymek

Industrial Designer

Luz is versatile and mechanically inclined designer, specializing in both hard and soft goods.

Oedipson Jean

Industrial Designer

Oedipson, also known as OJ, is one of Lime Design’s rising stars. A hands-on prototyping specialist and an all-around solid visual communicator. His polite and fun personality will charm you as much as his design work.

Marcos Bruno

Mechanical Engineer

Marcos is a hands-on Mechanical Engineer that helps make the products work at Lime Design. Marcos provides insightful solutions for your product, from material selection to fancy math equations. 

Mateo Orjuela

Mechanical Designer

Mateo is a mechanically inclined designer. He specializes in 3D modeling and working in Solidworks. Mateo can quickly create 3D models and solutions for difficult products.

Christian Rojas

Sales & Marketing

Christian is an actor with more than 20 years of experience in TV. He has joined the social media team and put significant input into expanding our network. Also, with excellent knowledge of Marketing and Sales, Christian has brought fresh energy to the team.

Wesley James


Wesley is an essential part of our sales team with many years of experience in sales and marketing. Wesley provides potential clients with all of the necessary information they need to know to get started with Lime Design.

Yves Michel

Conceptual Industrial Designer

Yves is an artist by nature, and a designer by nurture. He has experience in a multitude of industries and design cultures. Yves also has a fascination for biomimicry and bio-design.

Rodrigo Simon

Rendering & Animation

Simon is Lime Design’s Tech Junky. He specializes in photo-realistic renderings and animations. Capable of quickly ideating and creating captivating 3D visualizations.

Alejandro Alarcon Toro

Industrial Designer

Alejandro is an Industrial Designer with a passion for all things mechanical. He has a knack for engineering and incorporates that expertise into designing beautiful products. 

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