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Product development can be confusing and you may not know where to start, but here at Lime Design we break your project down into straight-forward steps. Our product development process begins with Concept Development and ends with manufacturing to get you from an idea to selling a market ready product. Concept development is the first step in our comprehensive and successful product development process which we have been perfecting for over 20 years.

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“Concept Development is just like building a house, you need to build on a strong foundation” to make sure it lasts for years to come. This is why Concept Development is the most important stage of the Product Development process. During this help build that foundation for your product.

Founder and CEO – Rodrigo Lima

Our Concept Development Process

1. Concept Development Kick-Off Meeting

At Lime Design, we begin every client project with a collaborative meeting and brainstorming session with our talented design and engineering team. We typically do this meeting in-person or video conference. Our goal for this meeting is to talk about your idea and fully understand what it is you want to create. While we learn about your idea, we will provide research and recommendations based on our experience on optimal technologies and components to use for your product. This is also the perfect time to discuss product requirements, business objectives, timeline, budgetary constraints, monetization plans, and product aesthetics.

2. Research and Development

After our initial meeting together, our team begins researching and studying your competition. Our market analysis includes researching the indirect and direct marketing competitors so we can understand your competitive landscape. Having a strong understanding of your market landscape allows us to find opportunities for what is missing in the market so we can gain a competitive advantage so we can make sure your product stands out in the market. Additionally, we define your targeted retail price for your product. This allows us to better understand our manufacturing budget and design your product to that price point. By knowing setting a price, we can make better design decisions that will minimize the production cost and allow you to meet your price point.

3. Preliminary product sketches

In this stage, we will take what we learned from our research and create 2-3 digitally sketched concept renderings of your product idea. Our design team will take the next 2 weeks to begin conceptualizing possible designs and aesthetics for your product. Sketching out your idea is important in the concept development phase because this allows us to visualize how your product will look and function. Starting out with sketches allows us to freely design your product without the constraints of the software. We also ensure that our sketches are ready to be used by patent attorneys so you can begin protecting your idea as soon as possible.

4. Concept Review

Now it is time to review our proposed concepts. During this meeting, the lead designer for your project will present our research and concepts. This meeting is important because certain mechanics may need to be explained or components that should be considered. In this meeting, we will take notes on your initial feedback and brainstorm together to give you our feedback on what needs to be done. After you select your preferred direction, we can refine one concept into a beautiful final sketched concept rendering, which we can use to help us 3D model your product. It is important to note that you do not have to choose only one of our concepts. You can combine certain features from other concepts to include in your refinements.

5. Concept Refinements

This refinement consists of continuing to develop one concept. The refined concept sketches will guide us when we begin to digitally 3D model your product. We will review our refined concept with the client to get approval and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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6. Catapulting your concept to reality

After we finalize the concept development phase, you can decide to either go down the path of Manufacturing or Licensing your product. If you want to pursue manufacturing, we will prepare a proposal for 3D modeling, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing for your product. If you want to pursue licensing, we will prepare a proposal for us to help you create marketing tools such as 3D modeling, animation, and presentations – which will help give you the tools to license your idea or try to raise funding from investors to further develop your idea. 

Concept Development FAQ

Breaking down why Concept Development is important becomes much clearer ones you understand what it is. Concept development is the process of refining ideas into actionable concepts to solve problems or meet specific needs. This is crucial because it helps you translate abstract ideas into concrete plans to create a successful product. It ensures that the final outcome meets the needs of the target audience or addresses specific problems effectively. Additionally, it helps in minimizing risks associated with investing time and resources into ideas that may not be viable.

Every idea or invention is very different in regards to complexity, size, materials, and other variables.  Contact us to set up a discovery call with our team of engineers and we will give you an accurate quote of what your project will cost to bring to life.

We have been helping clients with Concept Development for over 20 years. Our secret to success has always been out refined development process which has always started with Concept Development. You can rest assured that we have the experience you need to set you up for success.