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Lime Design bridges the gap between investors and promising products, offering exclusive access to innovative concepts and emerging ventures. With our early exposure to groundbreaking ideas, investors gain valuable insights into emerging trends and disruptive technologies. Leveraging our extensive network and proven track record, we identify and nurture products with significant market potential, providing investors with opportunities to support ventures poised for success. Through Lime Design, investors can confidently navigate the landscape of innovation and secure investments in products positioned to make a substantial impact.

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Investing in a hungry inventor with a viable, developed product ready for sale can yield substantial success. These inventors often possess unparalleled passion, dedication, and firsthand knowledge of their product, making them formidable partners. By providing the necessary resources and support, investors can help unlock the full potential of the inventor’s idea, accelerating its growth and market penetration. Furthermore, backing a proven concept reduces the inherent risks associated with early-stage investments, increasing the likelihood of significant returns. Collaborating with a driven inventor not only fosters innovation but also positions investors at the forefront of groundbreaking solutions, paving the way for mutual success and enduring partnerships.

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Brittany Lammon – The Chub Rub Patch (Featured on Shark Tank)

At Lime Design, our mission is to empower clients to turn their ideas into successful ventures. Through our comprehensive suite of services and expert guidance, we provide invaluable support at every stage of the product development journey. From concept refinement to prototype creation and market validation, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ ideas are primed for success. Our track record speaks for itself, with several clients achieving remarkable milestones such as appearing on Shark Tank or securing substantial investments for their ideas. By leveraging our industry expertise, strategic insights, and extensive network, we enable clients to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and make a lasting impact in the market.