10 Steps to A Successful Product Design

What Is Physical Product Design? Physical product design is the process of creating products that are not only functional but also appealing to the customer. Physical product design aims to take a product from concept to reality. Physical product designers must have a strong understanding of both. 1. Define The Problem First, you must define […]

Difference Between Industrial Design & Product Design

green banner difference product design and industrial design

We constantly see people asking what the difference between product and industrial design is. These terms are frequently used interchangeably; although they’re very similar, they have their differences. So, in today’s blog, We’re going to break down what both are, the similarities and the differences, So let us get into it. What is Product Design? […]

How To Be A Good Product Designer

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If you’re new to the world that is product designing and would like to know how to be a good product designer , we put together some tips to help designers improve their craft and navigate some of the most common challenges they will face. 1. Learn How To Communicate Your Ideas (Especially W/ Clients) […]