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We are a passionate team of product and business developers.  Our creative team consists of industrial designers, mechanical & electrical engineers, animation & rendering specialists, and branding & marketing strategists. Our versatile team of design & engineering ninjas will help you find your edge in the competitive marketplace.

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We have worked on hundreds of products spread across multiple industries, from consumer products to packaging, to industrial machinery. Our team of talented industrial designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and marketing specialists takes great pride in delivering high-quality turn-key solutions. Here are a few featured projects that have been successfully launched.

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Additive Manufacturing – 3DChimera –                              Alex Hussain

Jan 13, 2023 • 22min

Alex Hussain  |  3DChimera  |  YOUTUBE / @3dchimera  |  WEBSITE:

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Nothing makes us happier than creating successful products with our clients. We take great pride in being one of the highest-rated google reviewed product design companies in the USA. We invite you to check out what our clients are saying about us.

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These guys are excellent. They are very easy to work with and professional. Because of my schedule I could only work weekends. They were more than willing to accommodate. In just two prototype sessions they've helped me take my product from non-functioning to a working and testable model. They also have a lot of experience with various manufacturing techniques. Rodrigo was able to get me estimates on manufacturing cost and advice on how to minimize them via product design. If you have a product idea you'd like to realize, give these guys a call. You won't be disappointed.


Thanks for helping us design my idea. I'm looking forward to the next phase of the project! Thanks again for taking the time to explain the product development process. I could of not done it without your proffesional help and AMAZING customer service! I recommend anyone to Lime, u won't regret it


The service at Lime Design actually deserve more than just 5 stars. Rodrigo and his team work together to create any Idea come to life. I was very pleased with my end results and the atmosphere is “truth worthy”. When it comes 3D prototyping, estimates, CAD design, and patent help go to Lime Design.

Video Testimonials

Charly Maria

Professional Tennis Trainer

Michael Johnson

UFC Fighter / Entrepreneur

Brittany Lamon

Inventor / entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

Awesome! You are already on your way to being a professional inventor. Now you have to decide how far you want to develop your idea. The main stages are | Concept Development | 3D Model | Engineering | Prototype | Manufacturing. Here at Lime Design, we can help you take your idea to any of these stages. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we can help you understand the product development process.

Every idea or invention is very different in regards to complexity, size, materials, and other variables.  Contact us to set up a discovery call with our team of engineers and we will give you an accurate quote of what your project will cost to bring to life.

Every product takes a different amount of time to bring to life, depending on its complexity. It also depends on what stage you’re going to. For example, prototypes take less time than a full manufacturer-ready product. So for a fully ready product, you can expect a minimum of 5-6 months and a maximum of 12-14 months. But again every project differs, so take this with a grain of salt.

That’s our favorite question. Lime Design is a business that takes great pride in our work – we personally invest ourselves into each and every project to ensure the highest quality.

We have well over 60 years of experience and we work fast. Many design firms will take months, if not years. We aim to have a functioning prototype in your hands within weeks and help you get product patents, marketing materials, aid in a manufacturing process, and more. We take the service a bit further than other product design businesses and cover just about every aspect of the product development process.

The whole process is limited by your budget. We suggest for you decide what your goal is and plan/budget accordingly, this will give you a better chance of reaching your goal.

Yes, we’ve taken a lot of our client’s products to manufacturers. We are in contact with a vast amount of manufacturers. When it comes time to manufacture your product we will go through all our manufacturers and compare apples to apples to find you the best price.

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