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Lime Design is a South Florida-based full-service Product Development Company specializing in all aspects of Product and Invention Development. Headquartered in Hollywood, FL.

From initial Concept Development to Manufacturing, our team provides a proven, human-centered design process. Servicing established companies and independent inventors, we empower our clients with creative Industrial Design, clever Engineering and High Impact Marketing solutions to thrive in a competitive market. We pride ourselves in delivering High Quality creative services to help you bring your idea to life!

If you’re looking to design new products then you’ve come to the best new product development team. We are the Versatile Design Ninjas you have been looking for.

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Looking for New Product Development? At Lime Design we offer full-service solutions for product design and development. Located just minutes from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, our Hollywood Florida Headquarters offers Turn Key product design and marketing services.

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3D-printing and Rapid-Prototyping has changed how products are developed. Our In-house 3D printing and CNC capabilities allows us to take your idea and have a 3D-printed part in your hands in days or weeks cutting the time to reach the market.

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Protect your idea through the US patent system. We work with only the best Patent Lawyers, working with them early in the development process. It takes the use of Utility Patents, Design Patents, patent drawings, well articulated Patent writing, trademarks, and copyrights to protect your idea.

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Industrial design studies function and form and the connection between the product, the user, and the environment. We create and design new products that connect with people! This is where form meets function. Design ads value and can turn “ok” products into great memorable and desirable products.

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Our team of Bilingual Senior Designers are capable of giving your product it’s own unique identity. We are able to design your product’s Custom Logo, Custom Packaging, and Full Branding. Experience the exhilaration of watching your product’s identity take a life on it’s own with our help!

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With your product ready for the Limelight, our team will help you Get the Word out! From Crowd Funding and Grassroots Marketing to turn key ECommerce Web Design and Digital Marketing Strategies, our team is ready to get your idea the attention it deserves!


We are South Florida’s premier product design studio focused on all stages of Product Development. We design new products and provide support and creative design and business development services to technology start-ups, entrepreneurs, and inventors. Comprised of Senior Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers, and MBA Strategists, we offer turn key product design services from initial concept to complete sourcing and go-to-market strategies. If you’re searching for a team to help you with new product development, you’ve come to the right place. We can take you from the start to the finish line. 

Step 1

Develop and protect your idea

Step 2

Design and Engineer / Prototype

Step 3

Manufacture / Distribute / Sell

Bring Your Idea To Life

Schedule a free consultation with our product development team. We will sign an NDA before the call to keep your idea safe!


Our live video webinar will allow us to sit down with you, regardless of where you are, to discuss and brainstorm your idea.  We will explain our development process, after understanding your idea, we develop a road mad and proposal to the develoment of your idea to turn it into an actual product.  Please make sure to read and sign our NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and sign.

Next we will work with you to create a product from the idea and go from concept sketching, 3D modeling in CAD software, engieeering and even prototype your product using our in house state of the art 3D printing and CNC machinery. Our dedicated Project Manager will update you to keep you in the loop and keep you informed all the way throught process.

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