Nanou Bakery

Your Local French Bakery in South Florida, Since 2015

Nanou Bakery (or Boulangerie Nanou) is a provincial French bakery and café specialized in provincial breads, fresh meals and viennoiseries. Nanou Bakery recreates the unique experience of traditional French village lifestyle. A friendly and cozy gourmet ambiance where your customers can enjoy tasty French specialties, snacks, sandwiches, pastries, gelato and more.

Our Story

With soon 5 locations in South Florida, our brand is now expanding steadily. As a fast casual, bakery-café concept founded in 2015, Nanou Bakery’s mission is to bring our unique French food and lifestyle to the U.S. market with our delicious, unique and sophisticated pastries, breads, snacks and meals. As we continue to define the baking industry with products that are inspired by traditional French recipes from South of France, we also adapt to our local markets with innovation and originality. Join our family-owned business venture today and embrace our passion to deliver happiness one bite at a time.

Our Journey with
Lime Design

Nanou Bakery came to Lime Design with the idea for a fresh and new look. They wanted to be the nicest looking bakery in town with great food. We helped them 3D model and compltely recreate their space using the building floor plan. You are able to fully plan and see what your space will look like when you use the power of 3D modeling. Not only can you use the high quality rendered images for you to create the space, but, you can also take these renderings to an investor that would help you create the space shown in the images. 

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