How To Be A Good Product Designer

how to be a good product designer green graphic

If you’re new to the world that is product designing and would like to know how to be a good product designer , we put together some tips to help designers improve their craft and navigate some of the most common challenges they will face. 1. Learn How To Communicate Your Ideas (Especially W/ Clients) […]

Lime Design 3D Printed Business Cards – PLA

Check out Lime Design 3D printed business cards we printed on our Ultimaker 2.  We printed in PLA plastic. These aren’t your standard business cards.  We wanted to put our 3D printer to work so we made a short run of 100 pieces. We only give them out to clients and friends we would like […]

Welcome to Lime Life

Welcome everybody to our product development  blog! We have been working tirelessly on fine-tuning an identity that represents us as a product design firm in our South Florida landscape.  We emerged with a stronger, clearer vision of who we are. Our focus is to create, innovate, easy to manufacture and patent-able products while offering our clients […]