Investors Want to See More Than Just Prototypes

When you’re trying to get your product off the ground, it can be difficult to find the right investors. You might have a great prototype, but investors are not only interested in prototypes; they want to see real sales and demand for the product. By demonstrating that there is a real market for your product, […]

How to Obtain Funding for your Invention

Alright, so you’re looking to acquire funding for your invention. Here are a couple of ways to get the capital to fund your product. The first way is to find a group or a private investor willing to invest in your invention. The Second way is to apply for loans or grants; you can usually […]

Who Can Make a Prototype of My Invention?

There are a couple of ways you can make a prototype of your invention. First, if you are a hands-on person, you can make the prototype yourself. Many companies offer prototype creation services, like Lime Design. Making The Prototype Yourself Since every invention is vastly different, there is no step-by-step guide, but we will try […]

3 Types of Product Prototypes

Intro So… you’re here because you want to know what the 3 types of prototypes are. First, you should know what the purpose of prototypes is. Prototypes are the first versions of any product, physical or digital. There is no “magic bullet” for prototypes; each type has its purpose. In the end, the final prototype […]

What Is A Physical Prototype?

Physical prototype design graphic green

Ok, so you’re wondering what a physical prototype is or why it is essential. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. A product prototype is the first version or test version of a product. You’ve probably seen a prototype before. The material or way the prototype gets created depends on what you want to […]

Why Is a Product Prototype Important?

Ok, so you’re wondering why is a product prototype important or what is a product prototype. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. What is a product prototype? A product prototype is the first version or test version of a product. You’ve probably seen a prototype before. The material or way the prototype gets […]

Quick Way To Identify If There Is A Market For Your Invention Idea

One of the first thoughts inventors have is “how do I know if there is a market for my idea?”. If this is a question you are asking yourself, you are asking the right questions. In this article we will show a quick two-step way, to identify if there is a market for your idea. […]

How Do I Know If My Invention Idea Is Good?

Invention Idea Good or Bad

If you are asking yourself this question, is it because you want to know whether it’s generally a good invention, or do you want to know if it will sell? The difference is huge, for example, a high-selling invention doesn’t have to be good, it just has to have good marketing. The same applies to […]

I Have An Invention Idea, What Now?

invention idea what now

First of we’d like to start off by saying congratulations that you’ve been blessed with the “inventors gift”, it means that you have the gift of wanting to improve things and make daily life easier for other people. Once you have one idea for an invention, new ideas will never stop coming, maybe some would […]

Inventors, Do You Need Money?


Inventors, do you need money? By now you might of realized that bringing an idea to life isn’t cheap. Depending on your situation, you might need funding to keep going or even get started. Whatever situation you might be in, finding funding can be difficult. That’s why we put together this list of ways independent […]