say it sign on ford explorer with hooters sign
top and front view of say it sign

Say It Sign

The say it sign is a universal mountable customizable sign for the back of automobiles, used for advertising and marketing.  Equipped with super bright LED’s, this device helps illuminate the custom sign and the license plate. The say it sign is powered by a weatherproof Solar Panel which powers a lithium battery.  As a back up for the power source, the device also runs on Alkaline  AA batteries. The system is design and programed to switch back and forth between the different power sources as needed.  for power saving, there is an onboard accelerometer to help reduce wasted energy when the vehicle is parked.

The Story

The inventor of the Say it Sign reached out to help perfect his concept.  Russ, a hands on tinkerer and entrepreneur, had gotten as far as he could by himself. That’s were the Lime Design team came in.

His original designs were created in aluminum, which were both costly and did not look refined enough to be sold in the market.  We helped select the best materials and manufacturing processes for his assembly to help keep the manufacturing and unit cost down.

Together we developed a waterproof device and worked out the electronic and plastic part details.  The product has been manufactured and shipped to our clients warehouse and is currently available for sale on his website.

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