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Inventors, Do You Need Money?

Inventors, do you need money? By now you might of realized that bringing an idea to life isn’t cheap. Depending on your situation, you might need funding to keep going

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3D Printing Prototype
3D Modeling

2020 Year End Review

This year has been a crazy year for us all and we are very fortunate for the amount of success we have had. When it comes to new product development,

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3D Modeling

Get a Jump start on 2021!

Get a Jump start to the new year and start developing your product today! The new year is getting closer and closer and new opportunities are on the horizon. Don’t

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Black History Month Graphic
Concept Development

Black History Month – Inventors

February is the time to celebrate Black History Month, and as such we’ve decided to take this month to celebrate black inventors and the amazing things they’ve created. We’ll be

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