Lime Design Moves to New Prototyping and 3D Printing Office Space in Hollywood, Florida

South Florida, Hollywood based Lime Design office
Lime Design’s new address is 202 S 28th Ave, Hollywood, Florida 33020 With more room for the newest 3D printers and a confidential meeting space, Lime Design’s new office is officially ready for new clients. Lime Design has moved its product development studio space to Hollywood, Florida, with plenty of space for meetings, designing, prototyping [...]

New Interns Have Joined the Lime Design Product Development Team for the Summer!

Rodrigo Lima and clients in the South Florida located Lime Design office
Many of our team members are ­­Fort Lauderdale Art Institute Alumni including the owner and CEO, Rodrigo Lima. Our way of giving back to the design community is by mentoring passionate and driven up-and-coming designers. Lime Design is pleased to announce that two more talented interns have joined our product development team for the summer! Carolina [...]

Collaboration for The Future

BigShark pool cleaner product in use while someone screws the bag on
One of my driving philosophies at Lime Design is that collaboration is the key in the product development field. Maybe a few years ago, it would have been normal for me to look at a business landscape in black-and-white terms. Competitors, prospects, deliverables, and profit. Stark, but simple. That doesn’t make sense to me in [...]

Lime Lingo: Brainstorming

What Is Brainstorming? Brainstorming is when people get together to generate lots of ideas in a group session. The term was coined in the 1950s and became increasingly popular for decades, before falling out of practice for awhile in favor of top-down management. Recently,  brainstorming is popular again – and for good reasons. Overall, we’re [...]

Crowdfunding vs. Crowdsourcing

Crowdfunding raises money via small contributions from many people. It’s a type of crowdsourcing, which also includes collecting market insights. Crowdfund for cash. Crowdsource for ideas. We show you how. Product developers create the best possible products these days by directly harnessing the power of crowds. If you need capital, you turn to crowdfunding. If [...]

Lime Lingo: Design for the Environment (DFE)

What Is Design for the Environment? Design for the Environment, or DFE,  is the industrial design approach that considers the impact of product design and development on human health and the environment. Designers and product developers incorporate their concerns into all stages of the product, from eco-minded materials to energy efficiency to end-of-life issues. All [...]

The New Outsourcing: Product Development Partners Improve Core Offers

Outsourcing is usually used for peripheral processes, but new industrial design studios can improve your core product offers like never before. New outsourcing trends see recognizable and emerging brands hiring product design studios to develop their core offers. For many companies, outsourcing is a familiar and effective way to take care of the non-core processes. [...]

3D Printer Repair & Consultation Services Now Available at Lime Design

3D printing in Lime Design's south florida office
We repair top-name 3D printers now in partnership with Becoming 3D. We’ve also got new consulting services for you. Lime Design offers 3D printer repair services in Fort Lauderdale, plus help with set-up, training, installation, upgrades and more.   3D Printer Repair Services in South Florida We’re excited to announce Lime Design’s new 3D repair [...]
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